Behavior and Learning Solutions

Educare Consultants collaborate with administrators to assess learning and achievement gaps by 

completing an analysis profile of operations and data. Progress can be regularly evaluated with administration to determine specific strategy effectiveness and proficiency. Plan proposals can include the following:

  • Recognition of Indicators of Developmental Trauma 

  • Teaching Children in Crisis using the CARE Model

  • Project Based Learning 

  • Differentiated instruction

  • Classroom Behavioral Intervention Techniques

Assisting educators in identifying and understanding differences between maladaptive emotions/behaviors and learning disabilities equips them to target treatment referrals. When diagnoses are correctly met, treatment outcomes are tailored for success in and out of the classroom for students and teachers in tandem. Delving in to how trauma affects the brain and learning, ECI will help equip teachers with targeted techniques in assisting those identified students to overcome and achieve success.