Educators need support, encouragement, and continual strategies to meet the diversity that classrooms contain. 

Collaborative Coaching through ECI provides that support while helping teachers identify specific needs of students that are falling behind or disrupting the class through behavior interruptions. 

ECI is there to assist the teacher, not evaluate the teacher. Through intervention techniques and strategies taught through our CARE Model, our consultants will interact with the teacher to assess the needs of the class and the students to help the teacher develop and implement lessons and strategies that engage students in learning, resulting in less behavioral disruptions and greater levels of student engagement and academic achievement.  

Review Strategies implemented and provide evaluative feedback and adjustments
Assess Needs
Build Relationships
Identify Classroom Diversity and  Achievement Gaps
Develop Plan
Assist in Teacher-Created lessons that implement the CARE Model
Set Goals
Identify Achievable Desired Outcomes according to prior assessment
Teaching students that have experienced an Adverse Childhood Event (ACE) requires extra planning and individual attention. Educare Consulting, Inc. is here to help.
  • Teacher support in identifying behavior indicators of childhood trauma in students

  • Develop lessons and strategies that encourage student interest and participation

  • Provide extra resources for students in need to help meet goals and raise levels of rigor and achievement. 

"Help all students be learning-ready...

Help students navigate past barriers to develop a Life Plan"

Dr. Ivy Bonk