Safer Schools

20% of teens experience depression*

Most cases are undiagnosed and often linked to trauma.


The loving intervention of a few adults in one's life at a critical time can SAVE A LIFE.

Early Detection

Equipping teachers on how to identify symptoms and indicators of adverse behavior related to trauma and maltreatment allows students to be referred for treatment and other interventions.

Neuroimaging of individuals who have experienced adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) shows changes in the structure and function of areas of the brain responsible for memory, learning, and emotions.* Many students are simply propelled through school without treating the issue of the learning deficiency.

ECI, in partnership with Imaginal Education Group, can provide professional development workshops and coaching sessions to educators to help establish a trauma-informed school.

*American Academy of Pediatrics 2012

Early Intervention

Early detection leads to early intervention which results in healthier students and safer schools.

61% of school shooters were "extremely depressed or desperate."

78% had a history of suicide attempts or thoughts.

Students often begin forming and displaying signs of anger, sulkiness, or disrespect at age 5 or 6.** 

Teachers with reporting processes, administrative support, and community resources allow students to receive proper treatment resulting in safer learning environments for all students. 

**Study by the Secret Service 2004

Potential Prevention

Many students that have experienced childhood trauma are often victims of developmental trauma, setting them back in emotional, social, and academic growth and development. Students with childhood trauma are often misdiagnosed with a learning disability leading to an IEP but avoiding treatments for root causes in many cases. 

Properly identifying behavior indicators that distinguish between true learning disabilities versus adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) will help educators properly assess the needs and treatment services that need to follow.

Educare Consulting Inc. offers a one-hour workshop with a follow-up online training course to equip teachers in recognizing and identifying trauma-induced behaviors as well as provide classroom and lesson strategies that will help students progress academically and socially. 

* Statistic from the Center for Discovery