Professional Development Workshops

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Educare Consulting, Inc. (ECI) offers professional development workshops to train teachers in recognizing maladaptive behaviors of childhood trauma in partnership with Imaginal Education Group. Staff participants will also learn how to implement the CARE Model Teaching Strategies to help ALL students succeed.

What Happens After the Workshop?

ECI's workshop brings an awareness of the struggles many students carry into the classroom with them. For students to learn, they must first feel safe and be emotionally stable. Why? That is how the brain works. In the workshop, teachers will learn how the brain operates in learning as well as how it is affected by events that are considered traumatic for a child. By understanding the processes in the brain, educators will then receive hands-on training on how to implement Educare's CARE Model in the classroom. Teachers become active participants in discovering the approach to creative lesson design with purpose, greater student engagement,  and effective learning retention techniques that results in higher levels of student achievement. 

ECI also recommends further resources for teachers that include an online course through Imaginal Education Group called "The Day Trauma Came to Class", online training through webinars and blogs as well as offering personal coaching sessions by phone or in person.

Local partnerships are being established in specific locations to provide counseling help to students that have experienced trauma. Once a student receives healing from the trauma, he/she is then better able to learn, and through extra after-school tutoring sessions, those students that have been performing below grade level now have the opportunity to grow and get back on course.

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