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Our Expertise

With professional experience in working with a range of students from at-risk to AP, Educare Consultants invest in assisting teachers develop their own talents to better reach the whole student, create safe learning environments, and design curriculum-aligned
lessons that raise rigor, expectations, and produce greater levels of achievement, student outcomes, and productivity.  We train teachers in how to IDENTIFY indicator behaviors of childhood trauma, help them IMPLEMENT strategies to help all student be learning-ready, and provide continual SUPPORT for trained teachers and trauma-informed schools. 

 Trauma-Equipping Workshops

Educare Consulting Inc offers one-hour professional development workshop in collaboration with Imaginal Education Group and professional associates to assist staff in recognizing indicators of childhood trauma as well as awareness of behavioral triggers in students that have had adverse childhood experiences (ACEs).

Training sessions include the importance of early detection and prevention that could shift classroom and even whole school environments. Students that are properly diagnosed receive proper treatments resulting in less classroom disruptions allowing teachers and administrators to focus on proper academic and developmental growth and learning strategies. 



The CARE Model and Approach

Educare Consulting Instructional coaches work alongside teachers consulting them on how to implement techniques that allow teachers to recognize their own gifts and talents in creating CARE classrooms that invoke learning strategies and techniques resulting teacher collaboration, greater levels of student achievement, and positive school environments.

Sessions on implementing the CARE Model strategies are also available for staff or department professional development. CARE Model strategies are designed to reach all learners through understanding what part of the brain the student may be most dominant in and functioning from. If students' basic needs are not met, it will be more difficult to have them operate from the frontal lobe of the brain where learning and problem solving occurs. Learn how to recognize stages of learning to help students function at their potential. 


Collaborative Coaching

Educare Consulting Instructional Coaches work with designated teachers in the process of easing the task of lesson planning and development by incorporating their own personal skills.  By increasing their reserve of strategies, teachers discern the effectiveness of various methods to quickly target which approach to implement according to the diversity of the learning abilities of the class, resulting in the greatest level of success. 


Many of these techniques may involve risk to better grasp effective strategies for the culture of each class. Teacher collaboration will ensure curricular alignment and expose gaps in the student learning and progress while helping the teacher better understand each student's learning approach. Our consultants provide support to teachers, easing their workload rather than increasing it.

Student Behavioral Problem Solving

Many students come to class with a repertoire of events or trauma in their lives that affect their behavior and ultimately their learning. Maladaptive emotions and behaviors show up in the classroom. Experience in working with such students allows our consultants and associates to assist teachers in how to handle inappropriate behaviors and classroom disruptions. Our consultants are also available to assist the teacher with intervention techniques allowing the teacher to continue on pace with the class. 




One of the main objectives of ECI is to train and support teachers that will become mentors and professional development leaders and coaches within their school or district. Teachers have the opportunity to achieve professional hours and be adaptive leaders in the classroom.


Educare Consultants will continue to provide assistance, training, and evaluations to examine progress and cultivate schools that generate student progress and teacher leaders while aspiring to meet established goals that will continue to produce sustainable results.   


 Gearing students for success!