Educators are continual learners with a passion to instill the love of learning in others. As with every profession, however, there are obstacles. Educare Consulting, Inc. is there to embrace and assist teachers in this endeavor through training, equipping, and coaching that enables teachers to assess their class and its diversity while creating and developing lessons that incorporate rigor, meet standards, and increase student-engagement and academic achievement. 

Educare's Philosophy

We CARE about equipping and empowering educators to reach all levels of learners because when teachers are empowered, they produce students that reach their potential and achieve dreams. 

Our Vision

Embracing and equipping teachers to enable students to overcome obstacles and soar!

We are in the business of encouraging and empowering educators and learners alike. Through training teachers in understanding and recognizing maladaptive emotions and behaviors that result from trauma and mimic learning disabilities, educators then receive further training on our core CARE Model techniques and strategies enabling many students to progress from a victim mentality to a victor mindset, resulting in student achievement and success.

Our Values

Offering a proven system of teaching strategies that reach the heart of every teacher and student.

Utilizing our core CARE Model strategies, we offer customizable training programs, resources, and personalized coaching sessions to help educators understand and relate to their students. Strategic coaching in teacher constructed creative lesson planning which may include project-based learning (PBL) goals and initiatives to reach all levels of learners helping them dream and succeed. 

Robyn Sturgeon

Robyn has a passion for seeing youth excel and teachers soar in their profession despite the challenges they each face daily. With over 20 years experience as an educator and district math specialist, Robyn is a former District Teacher of the Year, National Board Certified Teacher, and recipient of the “Unsung Heroes in Education” award.


She has been featured in Teacher Magazine as well as the book, “Teachers: A Tribute to the Enlightened, the Exceptional, the Extraordinary.” Robyn has presented teaching techniques and strategies at education conferences for the Southern Regional Education Board as well as regional and national NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) conferences across America and in Canada.


Her love and devotion to each student’s well-being and success in life drew her from the classroom for a season to start a counsel program to help students heal from trauma, abuse, addiction, or depression to overcome obstacles and achieve. She and her husband then moved to Orlando, FL where she was the Executive Director of a residential healing program/school for troubled teens. With an understanding of how trauma affects the brain regarding development and learning, ECI was founded to train, equip, and empower educators while helping more students heal and succeed nationally. Working alongside community partners, ECI is committed to creating an environment where students achieve success in and out of the classroom.

Professional Associates

Dr. Ivy Bonk
IMAGINAL Education Group
Educational Psychologist/Consultant


IMAGINAL Education Group is the braintrust of Whitestone Consulting and exists to create solutions, strategies, and workarounds to meet the challenges that educators and practitioners face everyday doing their most important work, educating our children.  


She is the author of The Day Trauma Came to Class, architect of The Lost Child Theory, and the mouthpiece of the advocacy work, Before the Clock Strikes  8.   In addition, she is the founder of ReThink Learning, Inc., the nonprofit arm of IMAGINAL.


Dr. Ivy is a member of the national effort, Campaign for Trauma Informed-Policy and Practice serving on the Outreach Committee as well as working with leadership in small group settings to develop policy briefs.  She holds membership in the APA’s Trauma Psychology and Educational Psychology Division. In addition, she is part of the Child Trauma Academy’s NME-Certification founded by child trauma patriarch, Dr. Bruce Perry.